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dez 16, 2019
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There are no libertarians in politics!

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I write this text as a response to this article Link

I start the “case” with the following premise: There is no libertarianism without the uncompromising defense of libertarian ethics. There is therefore no libertarian who does not. This is a moral and ethical question. If the pseudo-libertarian defends positions and actions contrary to ethics, he can call himself whatever he wants, libertarian is not.

In the text in question it is stated that a prominent member called “Winston Ling” of the libertarian group called “Brazilian libertarian movement” would have met with then-candidate Jair Bolsonaro and formed an alleged alliance in exchange for office. In more than 6 years of libertarianism in Brazil, participating and managing the main groups focused on the theme, I, Felipe Ojeda, never even heard of such a group “Brazilian libertarian movement” or Ling, who is this guy and this group and why by now they represent the libertarian movement?

Important to mention that we libertarians have no appreciation for Jair Bolsonaro, much of the criticism to this gentleman exposed in the matter are well deserved and in fact, Bolsonaro has nothing libertarian, the question here is: his “team” also does not!

Soon after, the article quotes Helio Beltrão, current president of the Mises Brazil Institute, who said the following sentence: “I am losing all my men to the government.” We know, first, that, contrary to what was mentioned, Helio Beltrão did not found the Mises Institute, they were Cristiano, Fernando and Roberto Chiocca, second, not even Hélio Beltrão himself is a libertarian, this gentleman publicly said “tax is not always theft”, “We should not talk about secession, because it sounds xenophobic”, “a great honor to be on the same flight as Fernando Henrique Cardoso” among other absurdities, and his “men”, thus quoted, are parasitic liberals who take advantage of the libertarian speech of Laissez Faire and austerity to garner media and votes, libertarians in fact are not. No member, whether from the Millenium Institute or the current Mises Brazil Institute, is a postgraduate professor at IMB (who has pearls such as attacks on Hoppe, Rothbard and Mises on the portal podcasts and even a CIRO GOMES cable election teacher) defends the libertarian ethics, what they argue for is some instance of freedom, with support for politicians and monopolists, without any rational justification.

And it doesn’t stop there. The story cites Kim Cataguiri as the “charismatic spokesperson for the movement,” Kim indeed has friends among libertarian icons such as Paulo Kogos, but has never been libertarian, has never declared himself this and constantly, with his fellow parasites of the libertarian movement. MBL collides with libertarianism in defending propositions such as “tax is not theft” … I would be unable to name two libertarian authors.

Yeah, there’s even more, “This shows that their commitment to individual freedom is not that strong,” says Joel Pinheiro da Fonseca, libertarian columnist for Folha de S.Paulo. Since when is Joel Pinheiro da Fonseca a libertarian? Another who argues that “tax is not theft” has no idea of ​​libertarian ethics, praxeology …

These are the “libertarians” named in the story as Bolsonaro supporters and allies, where the journalist abuses bad faith, “other libertarian-minded groups kept their distance from Brazil’s new president. The New Party, a political party founded in 2011, supported the most orthodox libertarian candidate João Amoêdo in the 2018 elections “. Putting John Amoedo and the New Party as libertarian is such a perversion of the term “libertarianism” that it makes him an insult. It is another parasite.

João Amoedo is a career banker, meaning he benefits directly from the state-created financial market reserve with artificial barriers to competition. The New Party’s main contribution is Banco Itaú, the one that João Amoedo worked for his whole life, who also has perks with the federal government and who recently had his chief economist Ilan Goldfard, appointed PRESIDENT OF THE CENTRAL BANK (position he held between 2016 and 2019).

“Brazil’s most influential libertarian organization is the Free Brazil Movement” – Once again, “libertarian” and “liberal” mingled in a disgusting and irresponsible way. MBL is nothing libertarian! The libertarian ethic was never defended or based on libertarian guidelines!

The so-called libertarian interviewed but unnamed would have departed from Bolsonaro for defending “public comment praising torture and dictatorship and denigrating women and minorities.” Well, no libertarian supports any bureaucrat without renouncing the libertarian ethics, the true Brazilian libertarians, and we are many, repudiate Bolsonaro’s immoral speeches but, above all, his unethical office.

It is important to reiterate that both libertarianism and anarcocapitalism are not mere economic ideas. They are far above economics: philosophy, logic and law. It is not merely why a bureaucrat advocates acting in the economic sphere that at some points converges with the libertarian position, that he is libertarian, or possesses any kind of legitimacy.

Tax is theft, the state is a gang, freedom is not negotiated!

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